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The cost of SEO services depends on several factors, including the size and type of business, specific goals, and competition in the market. We care about providing customized solutions that precisely meet our customers' needs. Therefore, it is best to contact us directly to get a specific estimate and better understand how we can meet your unique needs

E-commerce includes multiple styles, including:

1- B2C (Business-to-Consumer): between businesses and end customers.

2- B2B (Business-to-Business): between businesses.

3- C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer): between individuals.

4- C2B (Consumer-to-Business): When individuals provide products or services to companies.

5- B2G (Business-to-Government): between companies and governments.

6- G2C (Government-to-Consumer): Government that provides its services to citizens.

7- M-Commerce: Mobile e-commerce.

8- Social Commerce: E-commerce via social media.


In e-commerce, payment is made either directly in cash or online via credit cards, bank transfer, Stripe, and PayPal, which provides customers
with multiple means to complete transactions safely and efficiently.

The extent of time it takes to build a website depends greatly on several factors, including the type of project and the complexity of the
requirements. Here's a general estimate:

1- Fixed WebSite(static): It contains static pages and static content. It can take a few days, depending on the size and design of the site.

2- Dynamic website: It contains a database and allows interaction with the user. It may need a week or more, depending on the complexity of the features and technical details.

3- Ecommerce: It includes e-commerce features such as payment system and inventory management. It may take a week or more, especially if it requires significant customization or connections to additional services.

After publishing your site, keep the content updated, respond to comments, and use social media for promotion, to ensure the site remains
attractive and audience engagement