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ايقونة تصميم المواقع

Website design

Designing a website for your company is very important so that customers can learn about your services and products in detail and confirm your website more in the Google search engine. We offer you a website design for your company or products in approved programming languages ​​and platforms. Easy to download on Facebook and Instagram stores. Easy to download on all electronic payment gateways. We also provide free technical support for one year for renewal and a free electronic profile for your company

ايقونة برمجة تطبيقات الجوال

Mobile application programming

Alkhaaldi Marketing Management have a team of engineers and developers working in all approved programming languages We offer reasonable prices for designing and developing smartphone applications The mobile application gives customers more confidence in your business and helps your activity and services appear in the Google search engine faster. We provide you with technical support for a full year We provide fast hosting And development certificates And full control on the application control panel

ايقونة اعلانات المشاهير

Celebrity ads

Celebrity advertisements are characterized by rapid response, and each famous person differs from others in terms of the quality and nationality of the followers and the price of coverage, whether by visiting a business place or covering an advertisement from home. When you choose an influencer to advertise for you, be careful to choose him carefully

ايقونة اعلانات سناب شات

Snapchat ads

We at Al-Khaaldi Company distinguished ourselves by integrating advertising services (Snapchat ads, advertising consultations, huge advertising campaigns) and we achieved great successes with our partners by implementing more than 780 promotional advertisements from the beginning of 2017 to this moment on the Snapchat application.

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Google Ads

The purpose of Google ads is for your name, website, and location to appear on Google Maps on the first page of the Google search engine. The cost of this service depends on the number of people who visit your site, and you will not pay Google unless your ad is clicked

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Social Media

Social media account management service is one of the marketing services provided by Al-Khaaldi Online Marketing Company. Everyone now does not deny the importance of marketing through various social media sites, whether for companies, commercial institutions or individuals. Regardless of the size of the project, whether product or service, we must have a strong presence on the accounts. Different social media, where we have developed unique strategies tailored to each client individually

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Development and design

Alkhaaldi Marketing Management design a motion slide show video With a special voiceover to introduce companies and their services or for advertising uses for social media platforms When you request the service you will receive A voice commentary lasting up to a minute, according to the text provided by you. The language is chosen: Classical Arabic or a Gulf accent. Then the music accompanying the sound is chosen and the video template is designed, with pictures of the business activity included that are provided to us by the business owner along with the logo and contact information.

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YouTube ads

YouTube is the premier place to create and share video content, and it can also be an incredibly powerful social media marketing tool if used correctly by experts in social media management services. Many companies try to create video content with the goal of making their video “fast.” Spread”, this also helps to quickly reach your customers

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How we work to achieve your goals

We offer the best e-marketing offers

Business study and analysis

We provide the best business study and analysis for your site. Our specialized team examines the smallest details to understand your business challenges and open the horizons of opportunities that await you. Through the use of advanced SWOT analysis.

Implementation and monitoring

We believe that implementation and monitoring are crucial stages in your website's digital success journey. We provide implementation services in an efficient manner. In addition, we conduct continuous monitoring using key performance indicators to ensure that objectives are achieved effectively.

Building a marketing plan

We consider building a marketing plan for your website an essential step towards digital success. We provide customized services to analyze your business needs, starting from setting the goal and analyzing the target audience, all the way to formulating an effective message and choosing the optimal marketing methods. We provide precise time plans and budgets to ensure effective implementation.

Measure results

We consider measuring results a vital step in the journey to improving your site's performance. We provide continuous results measurement services, where we use key performance indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and the performance of your site.