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Offers Social media packages

We at Al-Khaaldi Company distinguished ourselves by integrating advertising services (Snapchat ads, advertising consultations, content and advertising design services, huge advertising campaigns) and we achieved great successes with our partners by implementing more than 780 promotional advertisements from the beginning of 2017 to this moment on the Snapchat application.

Design packages

20 post
1200 1000 / for one time
  • هذا النص هو مثال لنص

Design packages

25 post
$1500 $1250 / for one time
  • هذا النص هو مثال لنص

Design packages

30 post
2000 1500 / for one time
  • هذا النص هو مثال لنص

Special plans And reasonable prices

For website design

Website design and development prices

Between 1500 - 4000 / AED
  • The cost includes the domain, hosting, official emails, a security certificate, writing content in Arabic and English, and a free profile such as: - Who we are - Our mission - Our vision - Our services - Contact us

Dynamic website development and pricing

Between 12000 - 6000 / AED
  • The cost of designing advanced, dynamic websites in a programming language intended for governmental or semi-governmental institutions, news, television and radio networks, sports centers or websites, or training consultations that require user interaction and require a site manager control panel ranges between 6,000 dirhams and 12,000 dirhams.

Online store prices

Between 1000 - 5000 / AED
  • The cost varies according to the programming language or platform used to design the store. The cost of designing a store on the WordPress platform is 5,000 dirhams. The price of designing a store in a programming language (PHP) is 10,000 UAE dirhams. The price of designing a store on the OpenCart platform is 8,000 dirhams, including the domain, hosting, and installation of an electronic payment gateway, space, and other products. Limited with protection certificate

We specialize in designing websites and web applications, providing you with innovative and unique design services. Using the latest technologies and methods, we ensure that your website or app is developed in a way that perfectly meets your needs and enhances the user experience. Whether you want to launch a new website, improve the user interface, or develop an advanced application, we are here to realize your vision. Take advantage of our experience in interface and interaction design, and discover how our design can make your brand stand out online

Special plans And reasonable prices

For advertising campaigns