Search Engine Marketing

Appear in the first pages on the Google search engine

The appearance of your site on the search engine is free and easy, but depends on the experience of the designer who designed the site first and the marketer II.

After the emergence of your site in Google move to the stage of competition and go to a marketing company to raise your link in Google on the front page

The more experienced the company is, the better the results and the lower costs.

If you are interested in appearing on the first page on the search engine and join the competition there

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Google Ads

The purpose of Google Ads is for your name, website, and location on Google Maps to appear on the first page of the Google search engine,

The cost of this service depends on the number of people who visit your site, and you will not pay Google unless your ad is clicked

Google Ad Rates

Prices for clicks in the Google search engine depend on the type of business, for example when a person searches for a shipping service and writes in Google (car shipping) and your company's name appears, then the customer clicks on it to contact you and ask about the cost of shipping the car

This click will cost you from half a dirham to two dirhams, according to the competition of the car shipping market, so you pay Google for the number of clicks that were made to enter your company's website or they contacted you directly. Therefore, you must pay attention that your website is clear and fast, communication is easy, and advertising is in two languages Target people - location, language, gender and ages

Determine the advertising budget on Google and YouTube

You can start a campaign with 500 dirhams in order for your website to appear on Google and YouTube, and after seeing the results, you can raise the budget. Some companies pay Google tens of thousands of dirhams, and some are much less than that.

You have to contact an advertising expert to suggest a budget for you according to the type of your business and according to the competition of other companies to purchase search keywords for your services.

YouTube Ad Prices

The prices of advertisements on YouTube are considered cheap compared to the prices of advertisements on communication platforms. The prices of views or clicks on YouTube may not reach half a dirham.

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